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The thing about Rumba+ is that seeing it beats describing it. That’s what inspired Rumba doc writer Will Cass to produce a comprehensive video walk-through of everything you need to become a fully-fledged Rumba Screen Designer ninja.

This series of 19 training videos are a definitive, step-by-step user guide to working with our class leading user interface (UI) modernization technology. The videos were created for version 9.3, while most of the content works for versions 9.1 and 9.2, too.

End-users, administrators and professional services people will appreciate the practical, how-to angle while potential business users will see the potential that Rumba+ offers.


Terrific for training – ideal for demos

Written and produced to be accessible to as many people as possible, they illustrate the key selling points of Rumba+ beautifully –simple to use, no coding, no extra skills required and all the benefits of an improved UI without the pain of a global modernization project.

What’s available?

Follow them chronologically and build your own application by working your way through every Rumba+ feature. Brand new and fresh out of the box, these new postings now feature on our YouTube playlist and the demo section of our Rumba pages. Enjoy.


Here’s the list of all the videos available on the playlist

Getting started with the Rumba screen

Creating a history file

Starting a new project

Adding a Button Control

Adding a Chooser Control

Adding a Tooltip Control

Adding an AutoExecution Control

Adding an Image Control

Adding a Label Control

Adding a Calendar Control

Adding a GridCollector Control

Adding a Table Control

Adding a Collector Control

Adding a WebFrame Control

Adding a Tab Control

Adding an InputField Control

Adding a RadioButton Control

Adding a CheckBox Control

Taking the Project live


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