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2.3: Taste the future Micro Focus Visual COBOL and Enterprise Developer 2.3 Launch!

Micro Focus continues to invest millions of dollars each year in enhancing and expanding its products to meet new technology standards and market demand. The 2.3 release of Visual COBOL and Enterprise Developer in October 2015 is another example of our products’ continuing evolution to support a variety of market challenges. Derek Britton got an early view.

Unified AppDev – DevOps Mainframe Efficiency

While the DevOps methodology appears to promise significant improvements in efficiency, it relies on significant changes to internal practices in environments which are – frankly – quite hard to change. In his third blog in the series Derek Britton explores whether taking a smarter approach to mainframe DevOps might bring the goal of development efficiency within reach

DevOps – a culture of collaboration

DevOps is a software development methodology which promises greater efficiency and throughput of change through transparency, collaboration and flexibility. But it depends on significant changes to internal practices for many. In the second of our Mainframe DevOps series, Derek Britton opens up the discussion on a key DevOps principle: a culture of collaboration.