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System’s programmers on the mainframe have a pretty difficult time these days. More and more complexity, rampant growth of z/Linux, Websphere and RD&T boxes. Draconian constraints, compliance and governance mandates to be applied. All with fewer and fewer resources. It is a common problem.

Serena is here to help. Our ChangeMan SSM technology is designed to be the SysProg’s best friend and unswerving ally.

Sitting quietly in the background monitoring system datasets and members like the APF authorized libraries, the LINKLIST datasets, console commands and any critical application datasets, ChangeMan SSM will send out an alert to the SysProg when members of these datasets are changed in real-time. That message can be delivered to TSO or to email. Not only does ChangeMan SSM know who, how and when the change occured it also know what changed and provides a critical audit trail. If that change was accidental (or malicious) the SysProg can ask ChangeMan SSM to restore the change instantly.

Want to try it free for yourself? Go to the Serena website and download your free trial today or contact me and I’ll be happy to show you just how it works.

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