Spotlight on Pride Month with Brad Akerberg, Leader of Micro Focus PRIDE Employee Resource Group (ERG)



At Micro Focus, we join others around the world in celebrating Pride Month in June. This year our theme at Micro Focus is Pride 365, focused on the year-round support of LGBTQ+ colleagues and community. Every day of the year, we encourage our employees to join in the variety of initiatives that champion our approach and core value of building an inclusive and diverse culture at Micro Focus.

Our PRIDE Employee Resource Group (ERG), along with our nine other executive-sponsored and employee-led ERGs, actively champions opportunities to raise visibility, provide cross-company global networking, and offer professional development opportunities. All ERGs are open to and welcome all employees.

Hear from our PRIDE ERG Lead

We caught up with Brad Akerberg, Senior Director, Global Enablement Operations, and the PRIDE ERG Leader, to learn why ERGs are a vital resource in Micro Focus and how we can all support the PRIDE ERG as an important network in our company.

Over to Brad for his thoughts:

Give us an overview of the PRIDE ERG.

(Brad) The PRIDE ERG is really three simple things to me: community, activism, and celebration. Community because it is a safe haven for inclusion and connections within the LGBTQ+ community at work.  Activism because it reminds you how good it feels to give back and be a voice for equality at Micro Focus.  Celebration because it is a place where one can rejoice in the diversity, fun, creativity, and love within the LGBTQ+ community.

Why is PRIDE important to you and why did you choose to lead the ERG?

(Brad) Initially PRIDE was important to me as a means to make connections with like-minded people at Micro Focus, but I chose to lead the ERG because I recognized this is an opportunity to dig in and do some work for my community.  It provided me the means to “walk the walk”.  

Why is Pride 365 important?

(Brad) During Pride, people come together to celebrate the history of the LGBTQ+ rights movement. You see rainbow flags, parades, and messages of love, support, and acceptance. But the truth is, none of it has meaning if LGBTQ+ support and commitment to equality have an expiration date of only 30 days. Discussions, action, learning, and growth on the topic of diversity, inclusion, and belonging should happen 365 days of the year.

How can everyone get involved in supporting Pride 365?

(Brad)  1) Join the PRIDE ERG at your company or become a part of available groups in your communities, 2) educate yourself about the LGBTQ+ community, and 3) advertise your pride and support.

Hear from Sander van ‘t Noordende

In addition to Brad’s input, we’re pleased to share this INSPIRE 20 podcast with Micro Focus Non-Executive Director, Sander van ‘t Noordende, who shares his experiences in being his authentic self in the workplace.

Our commitment to Inclusion & Diversity at Micro Focus

We believe in the power of a diverse and inclusive workforce that reflects the customers and communities we serve.  We value each of us and all of us every day.  By embracing both diversity and inclusion, we enable the needs of our customers, drive new business, fuel innovation, and attract and engage our employees. This commitment is woven throughout Micro Focus INSPIRE, our Environmental Social & Governance (ESG) global framework.

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