Sociedad Militar Seguro de Vida – changing the ‘old Guard’

Changing of the Guard

The Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace is a popular event with tourists visiting London who often queue for hours to witness the change in all of its glorious pageantry. It is an impressive ceremony but the glamour and grandeur of the event mask the stark reality that the core mission of those involved remains a simple one. They are there to guard the Queen.

Sociedad Militar Seguro de Vida

When Sociedad Militar Seguro de Vida (SMSV), who provide financial services to the Argentinian Armed Forces, decided to modernize their COBOL applications they also wanted to ensure that their core mission to deliver high quality and reliable services to their customers was not compromised. Changing the Guard for SMSV required mainframe modernization, essentially rehosting some of their COBOL applications from the IBM mainframe to a cost effective x86 alternative. But it also meant guarding, and not breaking, their 20 year old business critical applications.

Micro Focus Enterprise Server

SMSV chose Micro Focus’ Enterprise Server to modernize the runtime environment for their COBOL applications and modernized their application development processes by implementing Enterprise Developer and Enterprise Analyzer. They now have a system that is faster and lower cost running their 20 year old applications.

Mission Accomplished?

Not completely, because just as the Changing of the Guard is not a one off event neither is mainframe modernisation. For SMSV this means that the applications they have rehosted are now being updated to integrate with mobile and web based applications. And after successfully rehosting some of their COBOL applications to Enterprise Server they have started planning the rehost the rest.

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