Slash COBOL development time on UNIX or Linux

Micro Focus Server Express Eclipse Remote development Option (“RDO”) slashes development time for anyone developing or maintaining Micro Focus COBOL applications for deployment on UNIX or Linux servers. By keeping the COBOL programs on the target server, RDO removes the need to transfer programs between the computer that you are developing on and the UNIX or Linux Server that it needs to be tested and run on. Developers become more productive immediately.

It’s always best to develop, debug and test applications in an environment that is as close to production as possible. This has meant going without powerful tools when that platform was UNIX or Linux. Micro Focus Server Express Remote Development Option (“RDO”) solves this and developers are instantly more productive as programs stay on the target server, using local databases and services, while the Eclipse based development environment provides state of the art tools.

Micro Focus Server Express™ is the platform of choice for creating scalable high-performance business applications on UNIX and Linux. Server Express helps to dramatically reduce development and deployment costs, and provides increased service levels through state-of-the-art components like FaultFinder and Server for COBOL and Server for SOA.

Micro Focus’ Server Express for Eclipse has greatly improved the productivity of developers of these systems by providing a functionally-rich, integrated development environment using the popular Eclipse IDE. However productivity is still somewhat limited by the need for remote desktop access to the Linux or UNIX system hosting Server Express or the need to develop locally on a workstation and then deploy to the server for testing purposes.

Micro Focus Server Express Remote Development Option combines a high-performance workstation based development environment with integrated support for the entire edit-compile-debug cycle on the Linux or UNIX server.

Key Benefits

  • Fully integrated, COBOL sensitive development environment quickly ramps the productivity and skill sets of COBOL and non-COBOL developers.
  • Standard Eclipse functionality allows the re-use of existing Eclipse skills and enables non-COBOL developers to quickly develop and modernize existing COBOL assets.
  • Source code stays on the target environment removing time-consuming source control activities.
  • Debugging occurs on the target environment making full use of the server-based systems such as databases or middleware while the development environment runs at full speed on the local workstation.
  • Lightweight deployment combined with the centralized “update site” reduces the overall cost of ownership.

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