Announcing Silk Test and Silk Performer version 19.5

Silk Test and Silk Performer version 19.5: Streamline testing with increased efficiency and better integration into DevOps environments.

We are pleased to announce the availability of Silk Performer and Silk Test version 19.5.  This release provides new features and enhancements that continues to integrate the DevOps environment, streamline testing and increase efficiencies.

Highlights of Silk Performer 19.5

In ongoing efforts to streamline continuous performance testing, we have enhanced the Jenkins plugin so users can easily integrate the tests in their CI environment and DevOps pipeline.  The new plugin supports Jenkins slaves regardless of deployment platform and allows success criteria and SLAs to be set directly in Jenkins. Test results, overview reports, and customizable trend charts are displayed in the Jenkins dashboard without need to open Silk Performer, thereby boosting automation and continuous integration.  In addition users can specify the workload and trigger the tests directly from Jenkins.

We are also introducing support for HAR files. Web page interactions can be recorded on any browser (IE, Edge, Safari, Chrome, Firefox), then saved as an HAR file and uploaded in Silk Performer so performance testing script can be generated. This greatly helps teams collaborate and helps with shift left and shift right efforts for complete visibility across the lifecycles, and as always- for great user experience and solid app performance.  If development encounters slow web apps, they can record the transaction, export the HAR file, and then work with performance teams to verify the issues early in the life cycle. Similarly, if there is an issue in production, slow transactions can be recorded and exported, and Ops teams can work with the Performance team to remediate the issues.

Also (and currently only available in Beta) we are happy to announce the brand new Editor – from line numbering to code folding, advanced syntax highlighting, and so much more, the Editor will streamline scripting and boost productivity and efficiency. It is available now for users to play with and explore – obviously at any time they can revert to the original Editor – but we like to preview new features and get your feedback early.

The 19.5 release supports the latest version of Remedy. Plus Silk Performer CloudBurst (pay as you go load testing) is now available on the Google Cloud Platform, in addition to AWS and Azure.

For full details about Silk Performer v19.5, read more in the Silk Performer community, get the Silk Performer 19.5 Release Notes, and don’t hesitate to visit the Silk Performer Online Help resources.

Highlights of Silk Test 19.5

Cross-Platform Resulting

Users can now access and share results across multiple platforms and in any browser. Silk Test 19.5 provides a new way of displaying test results: HTML-based results can be opened with any browser and on any platform. Test results can be easily shared and are no longer bound to the Windows-platform.

Microsoft UI-Automation Fallback Support

With version 19.5 we are adding new UI frameworks. Silk Test 19.5 supports MS UI-Automation as a new fallback mechanism for many UI frameworks. This is a new option available for when Silk Test does not natively support a certain technology. For JavaFX, Silk Test 19.5 goes even beyond that and provides an out-of-the-box recognition.

Asset Comparison in Workbench

User can now compare two versions of a test asset to easily spot the differences. Silk Test 19.0 introduced the concept of a shared project, and now Silk Test Workbench 19.5 extends this concept by introducing an easy way to spot any differences of assets in shared projects.

For full details about Silk Test v19.5

In addition to the highlights described above, Silk Test 19.5 introduces a range of other new features and enhancements. For a complete list of the features and enhancements introduced with Silk Test 19.5, please see the Silk Test 19.5 Release Notes. For detailed information about all the features of Silk Test 19.5, please visit Online Help. Follow this link for Silk Test Documentation. Also, please learn more about Silk Test 19.5 by visiting the Silk Test community.

Till the next release……..(or if you can’t wait that long find us on Twitter for a natter * – )

The Micro Focus Silk Team

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