Micro Focus Silk Portfolio – version 19

We are pleased to announce the general availability of Micro Focus Silk Portfolio version 19. This new release delivers many new powerful features to help accelerate application delivery and ensure high quality functionality and performance.

Over the past two years, we have worked extremely hard on Micro Focus Silk Portfolio to help you build better software projects faster, and deliver new applications or updates to your final customers more simply.

With Silk Portfolio 19, our goal is to improve the user experience so new functionality provides users with better capabilities and a higher level of convenience. These updates include cross-browser testing for testing browsers across different versions and platforms and additional DevOps features for helping customer with their DevOps journey.

Since customer driven innovation is part of our DNA, we focused on the overall quality of the product itself, to make sure that our users can perform faster, more easily and with more insights to help achieve perfection. Take advantage of the new capabilities built into Micro Focus Silk Portfolio to build, test, and deliver your applications with breakthrough speed and quality.

The Silk Portfolio includes:

Silk Central an open test management platform that unifies test assets into one planning, tracking, reporting, and execution hub, whether your methodology is Agile, traditional, or hybrid.

Silk Test providing powerful test automation for web, mobile, rich-client, and Enterprise applications.

Silk Performer to generate real life load tests, diagnose the origin of application performance problems and fast-track resolution.

Further Release Highlights:

Silk Central v19 Highlights

Accessibility – Enable visually impaired or blind users to work with Silk Central through screen-reader support and enhanced keyboard navigation.
Shared Test Assets – Enhanced sharing and control of test assets across projects by adding amongst other features a selection UI.
External Execution & Result Upload – Allow interaction with custom execution environments and querying results through an additional execution mode and a whole new REST API.
Enhanced CI Tool Integration – Enable any CI tool to trigger test executions in Silk Central via the execution of Gradle build steps.
Security & Administration – More secure communication with Silk Central’s API through a Web Service token and additional more granular permissions to control the access to log files and test status reasons.
SAP Solution Manager 7.2 – Integration to the latest version of SAP Solution Manager for Requirements Management and Issue Tracking
Mobile Center – Utilize Mobile Center now also for Manual Mobile Testing

Further details about Silk Central v19
Read more in the Silk Central Community, watch the Silk 19.0 – Highlights and new features webinar, get the Silk Central 19.0 Release Notes or visit our Silk Central Online Help resources.

Silk Test v19 Highlights

Shared Projects in Silk Test Workbench – introduction of project dependencies providing enhanced reuse capabilities and ability to easily test multiple hotfixes or other minor versions.
Cross-Browser Testing on a Mac – Record and replay tests for web applications against Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome on macOS.
Dockerized Testing – Ability to run your Silk4J tests in Docker to support for integrated continuous-integration (CI) and continuous-deployment (CD) pipelines.
Mobile Testing – Silk Test now supports testing toasts for native mobile applications on Android.
For full details about Silk Test v19
Read more in the Silk Test community, watch the on-Demand Webinar: Silk 19.0 – Highlights and new features, download the Silk Test 19.0 Release Notes and visit the Silk Test Online Help.

Silk Performer v19 Highlights

HTTP/2 Replay – Introduction of HTTP/2 replay for web protocol scripts providing more accurate simulation of real world web traffic.
Browser-driven load testing with Chrome and Firefox – in addition to Internet Explorer, you can now also use Chrome and Firefox to replay browser-driven scripts and generate load.
New CloudBurst regions – CloudBurst now supports AWS China and provides two new regions: Beijing and Ningxia.

For full details about Silk Performer v19
Read more in the Silk Performer community , watch the recorded Webinar: Silk 19.0 – Highlights and new features, get the Silk Performer 19.0 Release Notes and don’t hesitate to visit the Silk Performer Online Help resources.

I’d also be delighted to talk any of this through in person, so please feel free to find me on Twitter, or connect with me on LinkedIN.

Gaspare Marino
WW Product Marketing Manager – ADM Solutions

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