Shrink Your Mainframe Windows with Job Optimization



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Most of the time change can be so gradual that we don’t notice the creep until the problem is critical.  In the mainframe world we submit batch jobs for this and that all day long, but over night we have windows of time dedicated to large specific chunks of work.  There’s a backup/archive window, a synchronization window, a nightly processing window, and the good old online-is-down window.  The trouble comes when one window becomes tight and then starts to affect the other one processing.  For instance: If your nightly batch window has a problem or runs over, then those offshore folks won’t be able to get online and work.

Thankfully, many of the corporations I have the pleasure of working with are doing well, and they are experiencing growing pains.  One such pain is frequent mainframe upgrades.  In the past, upgrades occurred years apart.  Now they are months apart.  An upgrade on the mainframe is a significant cost and one that isn’t always budgeted.  When your company grows, so do the jobs you submit.  Most times a customer doesn’t realize that if there was a way to make jobs run faster they’d not only get time back and stop the windows from shrinking, but they could slow down that impending upgrade price.

IBM provides us with all the mainframe machine resources we need, but it’s up to us to make the best use of them.  You might not realize this, but you’ve got two choices:

  1. Have your best sysprog do some performance tuning 8 hours/day against generic scenarios.
  2. Have it done dynamically in real-time for each and every job, 24/7.

Yes, we can instantly adjust all those resources on the fly automatically to improve the I/O throughput of your jobs.

Think about that – you’d get time back.  How much is that worth?  What could you do with more time?  Would your increased productivity allow you to get more done, and you’d generate more revenue?  You betcha!  I’ve seen customer jobs cut in half and the customers fell out of their chairs with delight.

Job Optimization is a solution of pure cost savings, cost avoidance, and increased productivity.  That’s got to fit into every CIO’s action plan.  It may be time to shrink your mainframe windows.

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