“Show Your Automated Deployment” $1,000 Contest

** Please note: The SDA Community Edition is no longer available.** 

We are looking for new and innovative uses of Serena Deployment Automation Community Edition and are announcing a new contest with a chance for a $1,000 Amazon gift card!

If you haven’t downloaded Community Edition yet, visit this link to get started with the free version that allows deployments to 5 end points.

Then, post a video of your automated deployment to the SDA community to enter. Our panel of judges will choose one user to win the $1,000 grand prize, as well as two more to win $250 honorable mentions prizes.

Don’t delay, as videos need to be submitted by November 21.

Here are the details:

  1. Record a video of Community Edition in action. Provide a voice-over narration in English to explain what you are showing.
  2. For best consideration, make your video 2-10 minutes in length and include a description of what you are deploying, how you are doing it and what the process was like before automation.
  3. Watch this example video recorded by our own Darryl Bowler for a good example of comparing before and after automation.
  4. Make your video available online (say, at YouTube) and post a link to it on the SDA Community. Register for the community to post, if you’re not already a member.
  5. Need a screen and audio recorder? We use Jing, which is free and records 5 minute videos, but you can find a comprehensive list on Wikipedia.
  6. Do all of this in the next three weeks, as the deadline to enter is November 21.
  7. Review the contest terms and conditions.

I look forward to your amazing video submissions!

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