Aim high: SHARE 2018 and the mainframe IDE shootout

Micro Focus are proud to be Platinum Sponsors of the SHARE 2018 bi-annual conference in St. Louis August 12-17, and our team will be there in force. SHARE has crossed the States many times over the years and this year will be no different. But you may be wondering why St. Louis? That’s because you don’t know about St. Louis. So let me enlighten you. It is:

– Home to Anheuser-Busch, the nation’s largest beer-producing plant (Continuous Delivery and Continuous Deployment are necessary in all industries)
– Where the Gateway Arch, at 630 ft. the tallest monument in the US, was built (Architecture is also big in Digital Transformation)
– Known to consume more BBQ sauce per capita than any other American city (Talk about Continuous Consumption – whew!)

So St. Louis is cool. But what’s the link between Micro Focus and the SHARE community?

The SHARE Community

Building the Gateway Arch required teamwork, coordination and community support, just as volunteers handcraft SHARE conferences to help professionals enhance and improve their knowledge, skills and organizational efficiencies. SHARE could be your best IT investment this year.

Micro Focus @ SHARE

Thriving in a competitive digital landscape means transforming core, often COBOL-based business applications. Check out the Micro Focus technical sessions at SHARE. They demonstrate that transformation, and how it maps against the three pillars of modernization:

– Application – modernize enterprise applications from code to experience.
– Process – accelerate delivery using DevOps practices.
– Infrastructure – embrace a flexible, compliant and secure deployment model across a Hybrid IT infrastructure.

Using your current IT investments to support future innovation makes business sense. If rapid and low-risk incremental enterprise application modernization is the destination, the Micro Focus solution creates the journey – and SHARE is where it begins.

Technical Sessions 

The Micro Focus sessions @ SHARE are the key to unlocking the value of your business-critical applications through enterprise application modernization and connectivity.

– How Secure Is Your Mainframe? How safe is Your Data?
– Modernizing Mainframe Applications To Enable Digital Transformation
– Mainframe IDE Shootout (voted “Best Session” at the SHARE Sacramento March 2018 event.)
– Is your DevOps journey pointed in the right direction?
– Tales from the Trenches: How Customers Make Mainframe DevOps Deliver
– DevOps: Managing Cultural Change: A Panel Discussion

Click here for more details on our schedule.

Meet Us at the Technology Exchange Expo

– Meet COBOL, Enterprise Suite, ChangeMan, Reflection, Rumba, Extra! product experts
– Visit our demo stations to learn more on Mainframe Application Modernization or Mainframe DevOps
– Have fun! Play our mini version of the TV game show “The Wall” to win valuable prizes!

Views from the crew

We’re sending a big team to St Louis. They’re ready to write your modernization story and strengthen our unique relationship with IBM, and the wider SHARE community.

“Micro Focus is an avid and long-standing supporter of the SHARE community and event. For several years now we have attended, sponsored and presented at SHARE events across North America. We’ve hosted and participated in vital enterprise IT topics such as application development and delivery, IT Skills, Security, DevOps and many more, and are proud to provide our support and sponsorship of this key industry event. We look forward to being part of the next event, in St. Louis.”

Derek Britton, Micro Focus Product Marketing

 “The IBM Mainframe ecosystem remains the absolute mission critical IT system for many of world’s largest organizations. Our Application Modernization and Connectivity solutions are specifically engineered for organizations who are looking to take the next steps on their IT journey, using this environment, while modernizing key aspects of their core applications and processes. Micro Focus is uniquely positioned to assist with key security, DevOps and application automation challenges customers face today, and we’re delighted to join the community at SHARE to have those conversations.”

Russell Shelton, Micro Focus Product Marketing

Learn About Modernization

The SHARE conference keeps you excited, engaged and up-to-date on all things enterprise IT.  Join Micro Focus at SHARE St. Louis, MO August 12-17, 2018.  Visit us in booth #317. See what happened at the last event in our Facebook Album.

Digital Transformation begins here:

For more information about Micro Focus solutions for IBM mainframe modernization, go to


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