SHARE @ Pittsburgh: On the road again

I often go from city-to-city and every time I hit the road I hear this song. You know the one.

Of course, our customers are on a road of their own. But instead of being inspired by Willie Nelson or their favorite rock band, it is new business requirements, market demands and the need to reach the digital world inspiring this journey.

Enterprises are continuously looking to accelerate application delivery, platform integration and infrastructure upgrades to stay competitive.  So IT professionals must boost their technical education and seek opportunities for community networking.  Our bi-annual SHARE conferences offer both.  So I’m getting ready for the week of August 4th in Pittsburgh.

User-driven TechEd and Peer Networking

Each SHARE event is a one-stop shop for enterprise IT education, showcasing the technology that can enhance organizational efficiencies through improved knowledge and skills. There are more than 500 workshops available, and countless opportunities to swap best practices and new ideas with peers in the Technology Expo. This is the time to connect with the best and brightest in the IT ecosystem.

Micro Focus @ SHARE Pittsburgh

Micro Focus is a longstanding supporter of SHARE, routinely sponsors and presents at SHARE events, and is proud to be a Platinum Premier Partner at Pittsburgh.

SHARE addresses important enterprise IT topics, such as application development and delivery, IT skills, security and mainframe modernization. Maximizing current IT investments makes good business sense, and our technical sessions at SHARE will help you understand how transforming core, often COBOL-based business applications supports future innovation.

Grab a bite to eat while getting valuable insights from our experts

DevOps in a Dynamic World: Explore DevOps designed for the enterprise, examine customer use cases, and reveal the latest integrated technology for a secure and scalable mainframe DevOps pipeline.

Mainframe access in the era of digital transformation: See how advanced access control for mainframe applications, multi-factor authentication, data privacy, and alignment with the common regulations can impact your business.

Other essential sessions

COBOL – Here’s to the Next 60 Years: Join us as we outline the ongoing value of the COBOL technology as well as some more practical, technical elements as it looks towards continued relevance in decades to come.

Where Modernization Makes Sense: Examine key use cases in an organization’s mainframe modernization journey, learn practical tips to solve many of today’s common challenges and find the best approach for your application.

Mainframe IDE ShootoutThis was voted “Best Session” at past SHARE events! What does a modern mainframe IDE look like? This session helps demonstrate the value of modern IDEs and reasons why it’s time to modernize the development experience.

Attacking Encryption: Understanding Risk and Making Intelligent Choices: This session aims to help mere mortals gain a comfort level with the terminology, to help realistically appraise news stories about various crypto compromises, and learn how to make good crypto choices.

Technology Exchange Expo – Micro Focus booth #109:

Visit our booth and try your luck at Plinko – you could win prizes! Grill our mainframe experts about enterprise IT, security, application development, modernization and more.

Ready for the road to modernizationClick here for agenda and registration details.


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