Serena xChange16: Call for Speakers

The heart of every Serena xChange User Conference is the track session content and its soul the informative presentations. Very often, and after each  presentation is delivered, ongoing conversations and dialog permeate the conference breaks – engaging your peers, Serena product experts and technical support.

The Call for Speakers is currently open through June 30th

Selected speakers receive complimentary registration to the conference.

This year we are looking for topics in the following five categories:

  • Enterprise DevOps: your perspectives and insights on Agile and DevOps best practices that could leverage current or future Serena solutions.
  • ALM Solutions with Dimensions RM and CM: how you have used Serena solutions to plan, define and develop software applications, support development teams and deliver quality deliverables. Example products included are Dimensions CM, Dimensions RM, PVCS and SBM.
  • Change, Release and Deployment: how you have used Serena solutions to automate the release and deployment of applications. Example products included are Serena Release Control, Serena Deployment Automation, Dimensions CM as a secure vault, and SBM.
  • Business and IT Processes with SBM: how you have used Serena’s SBM platform to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your IT and line-of-business processes.
  • ALM Solutions with ChangeMan ZMF: your opportunity to show how you use Serena Mainframe solutions in your business.

Submissions for each track should address three main themes:

  1. What was the innovation or learning you were able to achieve using the technology or best practice?
  2. How did this change the processes and practices of the team?
  3. How do you measure the improvement you made and what value benefits did you realize?

To help focus the content on the limited time you have, ask yourself this question:

“What is the ONE thing I want the attendees to be able to do after my presentation that will the biggest impact on their use of the solution?”

Sessions last for 50 minutes and are usually 40 minutes of presentation and 10 minutes of questions and answers.

Where possible, we encourage you to include a real-time demonstration of the points you are making. Wireless internet access will be available for your use.

When you submit your idea, make your description as interesting and relevant as possible. Only the very best of the very best will be selected.

If you are selected to speak, you will receive a free pass to xChange2016 (worth $1,895).

Submit your ideas now! The closing date for submissions is June 30th.

Good luck! I look forward to seeing you in Chicago in September!

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