Serena xChange13 Day Two Wrap Up

Day two at xChange picked up where day one left off with more excellent, informative and entertaining sessions.  I spent most of my day in the Industry Trends & Hot Topics track.  The track started with Damon Edwards giving some practical tips on getting started with DevOps in the enterprise.

I delivered a session on building your own DevOps tool chain.  The goal of the session was to initiate discussion about what has been tried when building tool chains, what mix of home grown, open source and commercial software has been successful.  There was a lot of interesting discussion with lots of grimaces and knowing smiles when I described my experience of moving from homegrown solutions to a commercial/open source tool chain.  They, like me had been burned by the success of their home grown solutions so using commercial and open source tool chains was preferable.

I heard rave reviews of Dimensions 14, the new version of Dimensions CM scheduled for release next year.  We have been demoing it at xChange and people are extremely impressed.

The day wrapped up with a great party with salsa dancing and lots of great discussions.

I suspect there may be a few headaches on Wednesday morning as people were having a great time.

I’m really looking forward to Wednesday.  In case you missed them, you can watch video recordings of all the general sessions at

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