Serena xChange 2011: One Click to Manage and Deploy Releases

I just met with Steven Cronin from our German support team about the Release Management track at Serena’s annual user conference, xChange 2011, from September 19-21 in Las Vegas.  Steven is leading a worldwide team of Serena experts who have built the Release Management conference agenda.

KP: Who should attend this track?

SC: Anyone interested in or responsible for deployment and release management.

KP: Tell me about some of the highlights.

SC: We have one customer who will talk about the benefits they’ve gained from our release management solutions, like achieving a 90% reduction in deployment time. Some of our leading consultants and product managers will present on how release management can be utilized with your existing Serena products, including Version Manager, SBM, Dimensions CM and our Mainframe products.

KP: Which is the one session you are most excited about?

SC: In one session we are going to show how to deploy and manage releases with the click of a button in our Release Automation and Orchestration sessions. I’m also excited about showing the exciting new deployment features of Dimensions CM 12. They are going to be a huge benefit to our customers.

KP: You know I’ve challenged you to come up with at least one idea that customers can implement which will pay for the cost of the conference.  How will you be able to accomplish that during the Release Management session?

SC: Serena will share best practices for deploying applications across multiple platforms and provide examples on how to use Dimensions CM to implement continuous builds with integration frameworks such as Hudson and CruiseControl.  Also, we will show how to extend and customize the Release Management process by using pre- and post-deployment scripts.  Finally, we will share the many customer successes in using application-centric release automation.

KP: Are there going to be any announcements we should be eager to hear?

SC: We will introduce our new Serena Release Manager solution, which is an integrated solution addressing the release management needs of all stakeholders.

KP: Thank you Steven, and thanks to your whole team. There is something for everyone in this track and we look forward to welcoming customers to these exciting sessions.

Learn more about the Release Management Track at xChange 2011.  Then, register to attend!

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