Serena xChange 2011: Hear Real Customer Case Studies Focused on ALM

Today I had the good fortune to meet with Ashley Owen.  As part of the Serena product team that directs and develops our Orchestrated ALM product solutions, he is ideally placed to define the “Orchestrating the Entire Application Lifecycle” track content for xChange, Serena’s annual user conference from September 19-21, 2011.  Here is how our conversation went.

KP: This is a pretty big track; it covers the entire lifecycle from demand to development to deployment. How did it come into being?

AO: While most customers have been using various Serena products to manage specific application development and deployment processes, many have also integrated multiple Serena solutions with third-party products to automate and orchestrate their entire application lifecycle process. We call this “Orchestrated Application Lifecycle Management” or Orchestrated ALM.

KP: What areas are you focusing on in the track?

AO: This year at xChange we have a concentration on real-world customer case studies and best practices and, from the product teams, updates and technical sessions focused solely on Orchestrated ALM. Everyone who attends will hear how customers are using combinations of Dimensions CM, Dimensions RM, HP Quality Center, SBM and other products to orchestrate their ALM processes.

KP: Clearly, this is a huge landscape to cover. How will customers be able to put all of this in context?

AO: The sessions on the Orchestrated ALM Reference Architecture, the blueprint for Serena’s future solutions, provide recommended best practices on how to integrate our products. You can hear from customers, like Carefirst, who have integrated SBM and Dimensions CM in a multi-methodology environment to provide complete software change and release management across the SDLC and into production.

KP: I am glad to hear there are so many sessions that customers will deliver. What is the one you are most interested to hear?

AO: CVS Caremark. They are saving time without sacrificing control and traceability for their complex application development ecosystem. There will be some amazing insights in this session.

KP: Thanks, Ash. Going to be a great track.

See detailed track and session descriptions for the Orchestrating the Entire Lifecycle track.  And to register click here.

We’ll see you in Vegas.


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