Serena Wins the Big Herts Cycle Challenge, Again!




I confess that I had no idea what a Fitbit was until my coworkers raved about this tiny device that measures your fitness level at all hours of the day.  I’d see them peering at their stats to check how many steps they’d taken and total calories burned.  I love how Serena employees take their health and wellness seriously!

This summer the Serena St. Albans, UK office participated in the Big Herts Cycle Challenge, a contest for those working and living in Watford, St. Albans and Hemel Hempstead.  The goal was to get as many people as possible riding a bike for at least 10 minutes. The company that enlisted the most participation would be rewarded with a variety of awesome prizes, including a Kindle Fire, dinner voucher for Jamie’s Kitchen and a brownie cake (pictured).

Guess what?  Serena won last year.  So, they were looking for a repeat.  And no surprise that they took top honors again in their organization size category (50-199 people) with 38.5% participation.  Collectively, the St Albans office logged 160 trips, which totaled 1,592 miles and 49,350 calories!  With those stats, they deserved to eat the cake!

How did they do it, you ask?  Training and dedication, even when the weather wasn’t cooperating.  The group organized three lunch-time bike trips at varying miles.  Plus, a local bike shop created an obstacle course and conducted a watt bike test on site.  The participants were definitely motivated and inspired.  One employee alone logged in 302 miles.

Way to go, St. Albans Office.  Cycle on!  See more photos from the event.

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