Serena StarTool IOO 3.1.5 Is Available!

I’m proud to announce that we have delivered StarTool IOO 3.1.5!

StarTool IOO 3.1.5 contains many improvements that are part of our continuing program to enhance usability and maintain z/OS currency, including:

  • Improved DCF tracing capabilities
    • The DCF trace is simplified for usability.
  • Restrict usage of IOO’s Dynamic Memory Management (DMM) feature
    • Secure IOO’s Dynamic Memory Management feature by providing a SAF security definition for DMM use.
  • Message, JCL and parameter file clean-up
    • Updated messages for usability, addition of new messages, JCL and parameter file clean-up
  • LBI=YES default
    • Support for IBM’s Large Block Interface

To obtain the latest release and documentation for StarTool IOO, please go to the Download section of the Support Website and choose “StarTool IOO 3.1.5” release. Customer login is required to access the site.

Alternatively, you can go to, click the “My Downloads” tab, then select “StarTool IOO” in the “Please Select Product” drop-down box.

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