Serena Software Tops Multiple Awards

Awards confer independent confirmation of achievement.  One or two awards don’t necessarily signify much.  But four over six months suggest something deeper, something significant.

Serena has indeed received four product and leadership awards so far in 2012, along with placement in some prominent Top Companies listings.  Together these add up to independent confirmation of our status as one of the most important software companies in the world and of Orchestrated IT as one of the most relevant concepts in the world of IT management.

The awards that have come Serena’s way include the Tech Awards Circle, for which Serena Service Manager was a Bronze winner in the Best Enterprise Software category.  Serena Service Manager was also recognized as the Best IT Product with a Network Products Guide Award.  Most impressively, Serena Service Manager and Serena Release Manager were jointly recognized by Pink Elephant as ITIL Innovation of the Year.

This last award is very meaningful given Pink Elephant’s status as the world’s leading ITSM consultancy.

Serena was also recognized as a member of the SD Times 100 for 2012, marking the ninth consecutive year that Serena has made that prestigious list.

Serena has also been recently recognized as a major Silicon Valley / San Francisco Bay Area company.  The San Francisco Business Times ranks Serena as the ninth largest software company on the peninsula, while the Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal ranks Serena #18 on their Top 25 Software Companies list.

Taken together, this public recognition reflects the positive work that Serena people do every day, and the great results that our customers get from our software.

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