Serena Social IT Game Reveals CIO Priorities

Over the past couple of weeks we have been traveling around the country as part of a 28-city tour to find out what IT really thinks. Stops included Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, New York, Phoenix and San Diego; and this week we are in Washington DC.

The very creative team here at Serena has come up with a fun and interactive Social IT Game that challenges IT executives to decide what is most important to them in the areas of Demand Management, Requirements Management, Development, Release Management and Service Management. But what is truly fascinating is seeing how those same executives rank the priorities of their peers.

All executives saw “Business Growth” as a priority but when it came to understanding what their colleagues wanted, the gaps revealed much about how deeply ingrained the siloed approach to IT continues to be. For example Release Managers rated “A Common Release Process” as their highest priority but Service Managers set “An Integrated Release Calendar” as their top pick. However, none of the Development Managers guessed that that would be number one for their Service Manager teammates.  We will publish the full results of the Social IT Game later in the year.

The show is on the road until October. If you come to the event we will provide you with your own personal score compared to the industry data we’re collecting.  Plus, we’ll feed you and give you the chance to win cool prizes. Look for an event near you.

See you there!  Oh, and bring your iPad or iPhone.

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