Serena Release Manager v5: A Lifecycle Approach to Addressing Key DevOps Concerns

I’ve just returned from the Gartner Data Center event in London, where Serena Software was a sponsor (booth pictured to the right).  We showcased the newly announced Serena Release Manager v5 and talked with numerous companies in attendance.

In 2012, Gartner interviewed over 200 CIOs on the topic of DevOps and found that release management was the number one issue they face.  And on this same topic, our customers tell us that they need to improve visibility, reduce rework and errors associated with manual task execution and ineffective handoffs, and increase the reuse of assets such as runbooks.  At the recent London event, the conversations I had certainly validated not only the issues, but Serena’s lifecycle approach.

With Serena Release Manager v5, the bar will be significantly raised in support of release management.  Serena has taken a lifecycle approach towards addressing the challenges of scoping, building, deployment, and supporting software application releases.  Serena Release Manager is built on the foundation of Serena Business Manager (SBM), in use at over 1600 companies globally for work management, and fully integrated with our application release automation technology into this single product.

Out of the box, we deliver nearly 50 reports and KPIs in the form of a completely customizable dashboard.  The default processes around release trains, application releases, approvals and handoffs (turnovers) all have their own workflow and are each first class citizens in our reference model.  If you want to modify one of our workflows, no problem; the drag-n-drop composer tool is simple to learn and use.

If you plan to attend the Gartner Data Center Conference in Las Vegas from December 9-11, please stop by the Serena booth and ask to see Serena Release Manager v5.  Otherwise, join us for the What’s New in Serena Release Manager, Serena Service Manager and SBM webcast on December 17.  We’ll demonstrate all of these new solutions and answer any questions you may have.

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