Serena Release Automation 4.5.1 Is Available!

I’m proud to announce that we have delivered Serena Release Automation 4.5.1!

Serena Release Automation 4.5.1 represents significant new and enhanced release automation capabilities within Serena’s leading Release Management solution, including:

New User Interface

  • Simplified, intuitive navigation enabling novice users to become immediately productive
  • Enables rapid enterprise-wide adoption among Release teams with minimal training, reducing the time to automate application release

Extended Cloud and Infrastructure Provisioning Capabilities

  • Updated Microsoft Azure and VMware plug-ins support the DevOps notion of continuous deployment to broader environments
  • Expanded knowledge base through an extensive Plug-in Guide

Intelligent Polling for Enterprise Scalability

  • Customizable polling and quiet periods per component
  • Significant enterprise scalability through reduced bandwidth and network traffic
  • Improved performance and accessibility to source code repositories including Serena PVCS and Dimensions CM

Enhanced Integration with Serena Business Manager (SBM)

  • Ability to consume and display Release Automation data in SBM Forms through REST Feeds
  • Extends integration of Release Automation into the SBM-powered processes

You can read the detailed release notes for SRA on the Serena Support website.

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