Serena Orchestrated IT 4.0 Designed for Mobile, Social and Cloud

We’re proud to announce that the significant advancements made to our Orchestrated IT solution set are now generally available.  Serena Orchestrated IT 4.0 was specially designed to help agile enterprises take full advantage of mobile, social and cloud capabilities.

For the Front Office, Development, and Operations, Serena Orchestrated IT 4.0 consists of Serena’s major solutions, including Serena Dashboard, Request Center, Demand Manager, Requirements Manager, Development Manager, Release Manager, and Service Manager.

New and enhanced Serena solutions to enable Orchestrated IT for the agile enterprise include:

  • Dashboard 4.0: The new Serena Mobile Dashboard lets IT executives use the Apple iPad to access and interact with the KPIs and dashboards. The latest version of Serena Dashboard also includes many more metrics for Serena ChangeMan ZMF, providing customers a unified view of both distributed and mainframe platforms.
  • Request Center 4.0: Serena Request Center adds smart search capabilities, improving self-service so users can quickly locate knowledge base articles pertinent to their issues. Tighter linkages between service requests and the associated services provide better visibility across the service delivery life-cycle, aiding continual service improvement.
  • Demand Manager 4.0: The latest release of Serena Demand Manager provides a number of features that make it easier to track resources and costs. Managers can create teams based on skills, allocate them to project deliverables and be alerted when resources are already fully allocated. Team managers also have complete visibility into both planned and actual allocations in a given month.
  • Requirements Manager 4.0: The latest release of Requirements Manager provides a number of customer enhancements, and includes even tighter integrations with Serena Development Manager and Serena Release Manager.
  • Development Manager 4.0: Providing many customer enhancements, Development Manager advances the user experience for development team stakeholders, supports process control that unifies the coordination of development change requests across both ChangeMan ZMF and Dimensions CM, and streamlines the hand-off of development packages to Serena Release Manager.
  • Release Manager 4.0: Rich development-driven release management capabilities have been added to Serena Release Manager to complement its strong operations-driven release management capabilities. Significant enhancements include support of continuous delivery, intelligent deployments to reduce deployment time, and enhanced cloud deployment capabilities, including the ability to schedule and deploy applications to Amazon EC2. Other enhancements to Serena Release Manager include the scheduling of deployments across multiple applications, the availability of Media Vault / Definitive Media Library (DML) functionality, and enhancements to the release calendar to support user customizable data feeds.
  • Service Manager 4.0: The Configuration Management System (CMS) has been enhanced in this release to make it easier for customers to configure authorized and allowable relationships between configuration item (CI) types, associate custom icons with CI categories, create relationships between CIs graphically and zoom in to the details of a CI that is in focus. New dashboards that track work assignments across service request, incident, problem and change management to better manage resources have also been added in this release.

You can read the detailed release notes for all the Serena solutions on the Serena Support website (customer login required).

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