Serena OEMs Nolio, Delivers Comprehensive Release Management Solution

Today, Serena Software announced that it has signed a multi-year OEM agreement with Nolio, the leader in application release automation. This is great news for our customers and partners because they can now get an industry-leading release automation solution directly from Serena with the full backing of our worldwide, award-winning customer support. With this agreement, Serena is delivering the first and only complete, end-to-end release management solution to the market. No other vendor, from either the App Dev or IT Ops segment, can match the comprehensive release management offering that we are announcing today.
The agreement brings together the best of ALM and release automation, combining release control, vault and automation. This enables release managers, dev ops and IT operations teams to manage and automate the deployment of application releases and changes in the data center and to the cloud.

Eran Sher, Executive VP of Products & Business Development and co-founder of Nolio had this to say about our OEM agreement, “Nolio and Serena share a united vision – to deliver an innovative and robust combination of ALM and release automation solutions to the IT market. Together, we are able to ensure that release automation works seamlessly as part of an end-to-end ALM suite. We are delighted with the new contract, which empowers us to continue bringing this unique and advanced solution to our customers.”

Our relationship with Nolio is a timely one, as the Release Management market is growing 35 percent annually. At the same time, IT environments are becoming increasingly complex with multiple platforms and n-tier applications; all of which have growing interdependencies. In order to release and deploy new capabilities into these complex environments, large-scale updates to multiple systems and integrated software releases are critical. This requires considerable coordination and orchestration to minimize the impact to production, delivery schedules, quality imperatives, and compliance mandates. Automating release management addresses these challenges and delivers dramatic boosts to an organization’s competitive edge.

We are thrilled to offer our customers a way to implement a true process that improves visibility and alignment across business, IT and application development—and proud to be the first company to offer release automation as part of an end-to-end ALM suite.

Learn more about Serena’s OEM agreement with Nolio.

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