Serena Named “Champion” of Agile ALM by Info-Tech Research

I am happy to report that Serena was named Champion in the category of Agile ALM by leading research firm, Info-Tech in its most recent Vendor Landscape Report. This accomplishment dovetails nicely with our recent Pink Elephant ITIL Innovation of the Year Award (Please see our blog, Pink Reflections for more on this) because we’ve now been recognized in the past two weeks for both our ITSM and our agile development technologies. Serena’s Orchestrated IT vision is all about automating, controlling and instrumenting the most important application development and operations processes to deliver true DevOps.

The Info-Tech Research Group Vendor Landscape reports recognize outstanding vendors, assessing them by the strength of their offering and their strategy for the enterprise. The report pays tribute to the contribution of exceptional vendors in a particular category, in this case Agile ALM.  Serena has a proven history of success delivering innovation in the field of agile-based application delivery and lifecycle management for more than a quarter century, so it is quite an honor to be recognized.

Using Serena’s orchestrated agile development, IT organizations can coordinate disparate processes, multiple tools and globally distributed teams from initial business request all the way to final production release. Serena orchestrates agility by helping IT engage more rapidly and accurately with the business, accelerate globally distributed water-scrum-fall development, and deliver more frequently to production – all while maintaining enterprise visibility and compliance to corporate and regulatory standards.

Info-Tech highlighted Serena as the only vendor included in the report to earn “Feature Fully Present” across all 11 evaluated features. They characterize Serena as “a complete package controlled by a complete business process engine.” This underscores our commitment to offering our customers a complete tool set of features and functionality, powered by a flexible process-driven platform. And even if a customer chooses not to 100 percent “rip-and-replace,” their ALM suite with ours, Serena’s ALM products integrate with other products. This is truly unique to the development industry.

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