Serena Dimensions CM Virtual User Group

What a terrific first meeting of the quarterly Dimensions CM Virtual User Group (VUG).

VUG Group

We were joined by one of our early adopters of the innovative Dimensions CM 14 release, Carmelette Benson of Health Care Service Corporation. The VUG was treated to an exceptional upgrade story that engaged the free Upgrade Lab to advance their planning and readiness, and worked collaboratively with Serena Support to achieve a smooth, successful and timely upgrade implementation. Key takeaways included:

  • Working closely with Serena Support to lay out the process of implementing a successful upgrade
  • Leveraging the Upgrade Lab to identify any data anomalies and gather insight into how long it would take to complete
  • Collaborating with Serena Support and the Upgrade Lab results to secure a successful and confident upgrade in only a few hours

Serena Support was engaged through the planning, execution and implementation and as a result the HCSC team ran into almost zero issues, achieving an upgrade implementation that is now servicing 500 to 600 active users of Dimensions CM.

With Dimensions CM 14, HCSC are now benefiting from a modernized developer centric approach, increasing their development efficiency. The new enhanced merge tool is speeding their ability to accommodate and streamline parallel development, and they are now champing at the bit to implement the visual change graph and collaborative peer review.

Moving forward, HCSC have installed Serena Business Manager (SBM) as a platform for connecting processes across change, quality and release management, and are expanding their use of Dimensions CM 14  for all software applications.

Peter Raymond, Principal Product Architect provided an excellent overview of the Dimensions CM Bridge technology, extending our ability to integrate with broader client tools and then demonstrating use of NetBeans IDE, TortoiseSVN, and SVN command line with Dimensions CM.

Don Irvine was excited to share some Dimensions CM Roadmap highlights – including a number of significant improvements focused on the user and developer experience, a new plug-in architecture to support additional tools such as Unit test and static analysis with results incorporated into the visual change graph, and files decorated for peer review. Customer participation and feedback was positive, and members are invited to join us in the Special Interest Group that was announced during the VUG.

In 3 weeks we will host Serena xChange15 and Don highlighted a number of track sessions that will both excite and compel users to attend the conference and engage in direct product feedback and validation. We hope to see many of you there, and if not, then at the next quarterly Dimensions CM VUG in May.

In the event you missed the VUG, or would like to reference it in the future, you are invited to view the February Dimensions CM VUG recording.

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