Serena Dimensions CM 12: One Secure Path to Production

Today, Serena announced the availability of Serena Dimensions CM 12, the newest and most powerful version of our software change and configuration management (SCCM) solution. Over the years, Dimensions CM has earned a reputation for being one of the fastest integrated ALM solutions on the market and has helped thousands of customers increase development efficiencies, lower development costs and risks and ensure compliance to standards. The new version builds on these merits, providing release managers with dramatically improved processes around release management in the convenience of a single console for viewing, scheduling and executing release deployments and rollbacks.

While releasing applications into production environments is a critical part of application development, we believe customer success is not just about speed alone. Success also means being able to provide a straightforward and secure path to production. Enter Dimensions CM.

Role-based security in Serena Dimensions CM helps you work more easily with outsourced development teams.

The technology provides a repeatable, reliable release management process that saves companies time and money, provides a high degree of visibility and also lets tools play “nice” with others. Dimensions CM integrates with many popular application lifecycle tools straight out of the box, including IDEs such as .NET and Eclipse, defect tracking, build, test management tools and help desks. Product enhancements in the new version enable Dimensions CM users to provide a gold repository for all release-ready code, which is especially critical for IT organizations that have multiple development tools in use by various development teams.

New features and capabilities in Dimension CM version 12 include:

  • New Deployment View to provide a centralized console for release managers to view, execute and schedule deployments and rollbacks;
  • Greater granularity and flexibility in managing promotions and deployments, demotions and rollbacks, simplifying role-based security and separations of concerns;
  • Enhanced capabilities allowing customers to promote and deploy at a later date, enabling alignment with resource availability.

View more information on the latest version of Serena Dimensions CM.

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