Serena Customer KRMC Optimizes Patient Care Through Automation of IT Processes

I love it when I hear how Serena Business Manager (SBM) can help automate tedious paper-based processes, increase visibility and transparency, and eliminate resource waste. There must be many examples of IT and business processes that can similarly benefit.  So, in this holiday season of cheer, let’s give thanks to Kingman Regional Medical Center (KRMC) for showing us the way.

KRMC is a non-profit medical center (pictured above) that focuses on the work environment and continuous improvement so that they can provide the highest satisfaction to their patients.  When their Capital Expenditure Process was bogging down staff and practitioners with manual processes and approvals, KRMC turned to Serena for an automated IT process solution.

Learn how this helped KRMC refocus on patient care and enabled Andrea Williams, a KRMC Business Analyst, to realize the benefits of IT process automation with the full support of her manager and CIO.  Read the entire case study.

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