Serena Continues to “Double Down” on the Mainframe with ChangeMan ZMF v8

Today Serena is announcing ChangeMan ZMF v8, a major update to our flagship mainframe SCCM solution. Why the continued large investment by Serena in the mainframe? Read on…

Continuous Delivery for the Enterprise has been the subject of much focus and discussion in the industry and in my recent blog posts. Enterprises need to deliver new features in a fast, efficient and reliable manner. However, many don’t realize that delivering a new feature involves more than just updating a website or front-end app. There’s a lot happening on the backend, frequently involving software updates to the mainframe. Enterprise apps are like icebergs: there is a lot more ice below the surface…and the big part at the bottom of the enterprise app iceberg is often a mainframe.

Just to give some context, COBOL is still the language behind over 70% of the world’s business transactions, and there are 1.5 million CICS transactions being executed every second, which is nearly 40 times higher than the 40,000 Google searches per sec.

And while the mainframe continues to be so critical, there’s a skills shortage as many mainframe programmers, administrators and business analysts are nearing retirement. Agility and accelerated application delivery is required across all platforms, but frequently companies struggle to deliver mainframe changes at the pace that the business demands.

While there are many mainframe software vendors that are content to maintain the status quo,  Serena continues to invest heavily into supporting the mainframe.  We are doubling down this critical component of our customers’ enterprise environments. With today’s announcement of ChangeMan ZMF v8, Serena is helping mainframe teams accelerate mainframe application delivery for both modern and legacy applications at a significantly lower cost.  Over 400 change requests went into ChangeMan ZMF v8, which you can read more about in this prior blog post by Al Slovacek, VP of Mainframe Products.

ChangeMan ZMF v8 provides innovative release and deployment management, unmatched development support and superior scalability and extendibility. We are honored to be able to deliver this release to the best customers in the world!

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