Serena Comparex Celebrates 30 Years of Success

A product I originally created in 1980 celebrates its 30th anniversary today. Comparex remains the most powerful tool on the market for comparing data, text and directory files for the mainframe. With thousands of licenses in production at large sites around the world, Comparex is quite simply the best solution for mainframe data comparison, making it the comparison ‘tool of choice’ for discovering errors, increasing productivity, reducing development costs and shortening deployment times for mainframe development teams. As the creator of Comparex, it thrills me that not only do customers continue to depend on it but that the company I founded continues to add new features for modern workloads.

That is because customer satisfaction has always been our primary goal at Serena. I think that focus is why brand-name companies such as AT&T and GE have used Comparex for 25 years or more. As we begin our fourth decade in business, our plans include continuing to modernize and enhance our mainframe solutions, and maintaining the company’s reputation of excellence in the industry.

To commemorate Comparex’s 30th anniversary, Serena is rolling out a major new release of Comparex. Customers can expect to enjoy a new DB2 ISPF interface to enhance ease of use, an enhanced REXX interface, support for UNIX file systems, and UNICODE support. For more information on the new version, please visit

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