Serena ChangeMan ZMF’s ERO Option Saves Time and Resources

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In our recent Mainframe Virtual User Group (VUG) meeting, guest speaker, Westaedt CEO and Chief Architect Benny Westaedt discussed “How ChangeMan ZMF’s ERO option saves you resources and money.”  Benny stepped our audience through the Enterprise Release Option (ERO) of ChangeMan ZMF and made a very compelling case for how ERO does save time and resources in a manner that was accessible to all technical levels and easily understood by those with or without actual ERO experience. If you missed the presentation, you can listen to the recording.

We had some great questions from users that I wanted to highlight:

Q: How does ERO integrate into the Client Pack offering?

A: The ZMF 7.2 Client Pack, including zDD and our Eclipse offering, ZMF4ECL, will support ERO. Both the XML and Web Services for ERO have been around for some time, but we are now formalizing support for the Client Pack in 7.2. Two other things worth noting: 1) our developers, like most developers, prefer off-platform environments like zDD and Eclipse, and 2) our developers also use ERO as part of our own production environment, so we feel the pain as well. The team is excited to get this out to you later this year.

Q: You refer to release packages.  Are these the same or how do they differ from those in Serena Release Manager?

A: These are different.  In the context of the presentation, release packages are base ZMF, simple, planned packages.  In Serena Release Manager, release packages are defined as “…a portion of IT or service infrastructure normally built, deployed, tested, and released together. Release packages define the set of changes to be deployed and drive the deployment processes. One or more development change requests and deployment units (i.e. ZMF packages) are associated with each release package…”

Q: Can you have an unplanned/emergency release?

A: No.  Releases, by their nature, are planned.

Q: Does ERO replace or complement ZMF base product functionality?

A: Complement.  All additional ERO controls covered in the presentation are added to the existing, base CMN ZMF functionality.  Some ERO functions may take precedence.  For example, release audit is designed to cater for products developed within the defined release structure and is very much the primary audit mechanism for such an environment.  However, package audit is still available in such a situation to perform limited functions.


During the VUG, we also mentioned that we’re looking for beta testers for ChangeMan ZMF 7.2, which is scheduled to become generally available later this year. It contains some very compelling new features, enhancements and currency support. We need your help in ensuring the highest quality in this release. Please contact David Jackson if you have questions or are interested in participating.

Our next Mainframe VUG is scheduled for April 16. Stay tuned for registration information. Until then, keep an eye out for our new quarterly Mainframe newsletter, Serenade.  The next issue will be available later this quarter.

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