Serena ChangeMan SSM 8.4 is Available!

I’m proud to announce that we have delivered ChangeMan SSM 8.4!

ChangeMan System Software Manager (SSM) 8.4 contains many improvements that are part of our continuing program to enhance usability and maintain z/OS currency. Changes include:

      • Compatibility with z/OS 2.1
      • SMP/E Installation Option
        • ChangeMan SSM 8.4 can be installed with IBM’s SMP/E method as well as the non-SMP/E (IEBCOPY) method of installing Serena’s mainframe products. Installation instructions for each method are provided in the ChangeMan SSM 8.4 Installation Guide.
      • Enhanced Operational Integrity
        • This feature allows ChangeMan SSM to identify important z/OS data set names and add them to dynamically defined groups to provide for automatic change tracking. When Operational Integrity is enabled, the following data sets will be tracked automatically:
          • APF entries
          • Linklist
          • LPA list
          • Proclibs allocated in the master address space and JES2/3 address space
          • SYS1.NUCLEUS
          • SYSx.IPLPARM
          • All parmlib data sets referenced during the IPL
      • Enhanced Member Reference Tracking
        • Member Reference Tracking (MRT) has been expanded to pick up more member references. Originally, the BLDL macro only recorded references to a single member. MRT now picks up BLDL macro references to multiple members as well as references from the FIND macro.
      • Support for Data Sets on Extended Address Volumes (EAV)
      • HMIGRATE/HRECALL/HDELETE Support for Real Time Change Tracking (RTCT) Option
        • This enhancement increases the accuracy of the event information by picking up HMIGRATE, HRECALL, and HDELETE data set events when they happen, instead of relying on Global Capture or a CLOSE-driven capture.

How to Obtain the New Release

Please go to the Support Website to obtain the documentation and software for ChangeMan SSM 8.4. (Note: You must be signed into the site to access this link.) On this webpage, you can choose the ChangeMan SSM 8.4 release.

If the above link does not work for you, please log into, click the “My Downloads” tab, then select “ChangeMan SSM” in the “Please Select Product” drop-down box.

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