Serena and IT Service Management?



I had the same question. I was on hiatus after working for BMC for a couple of years. I had been toying with the idea of striking out on my own when a conversation with someone I respected from my days at Global 360, a BPM company, piqued my interest. “At least meet with the folks at Serena and hear what they have to say.” I did. And here’s why I decided to take on the reigns of the IT Service Management (ITSM) business at Serena six months ago:

  1. 2000 customers that absolutely love the flexibility of Serena Business Manager (SBM), the company’s BPM solution. With SBM customers, it’s the norm, not the exception to have automated upwards of 20 processes. That is certainly not typical of BPM implementations that I’d seen or heard of in my career.
  2. 300+ customers use SBM to automate ITSM processes today. That’s more customers and ITSM experience than Service-Now and a whole host of other ITSM vendors put together!
  3. 1600+ customers clamoring for a flexible, cost-effective ITSM solution from Serena. They are fed up with the complex packaged ITSM solutions of old from the likes of BMC, CA and HP that are unintuitive and expensive to use and maintain and the “my way or the highway” SaaS offerings for ITSM that are out there. Serena had all the right elements to alleviate that pain.

Over the last couple of months, I’ve probably met with 50 customers and demonstrated our new process-based ITSM solution, Serena Service Manager. The response has been great. Lots of stories to share. It’s been a tremendous learning experience for the team.

Serena and IT Service Management? I’ve got my answers.

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