SBM 10.1.3 Driving Tremendous Innovation in Serena Solutions

With the release of Serena Business Manager (SBM) 10.1.3, we are introducing some exciting new capabilities in the SBM platform, and driving considerable advances and improvements in both Serena Release Manager and Serena Service Manager solutions. I’m thrilled with:

  • The new Work Center UI that optimizes the collaborative user experience.
  • The powerful new global submit & search to streamline the creation and search of work items.
  • The in-line e-mail approval to speed transitions.
  • Support of a channel agnostic approach to work and task management.

Significant improvements to reporting and a user-configurable dashboard elevate the power of SBM.  Together with a raft of additional features and enhancements, we are delivering significant benefits to users of SBM, Serena Release Manager and Serena Service Manager.

We look forward to showcasing the considerable advances and improvements in upcoming weeks, and continuing to deliver innovations in both our core SBM platform and SBM-powered solutions.

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