Written by Tod Tompkins

On Wednesday, November 9, the White House announced the finalists of its annual SAVE (Securing Americans Value and Efficiency) Awards – a program dedicated to soliciting ideas on cost savings initiatives from federal employees. The SAVE Awards, launched in 2009, allow other federal workers and the public to cast a vote for their favorite cost savings recommendation, with the winning concept incorporated into a future federal budget proposal…keyword: future.

This year’s finalist ideas include:

  • Create a tool “lending library” for NASA flight projects
  • Reduce the frequency of reviews for superior properties
  • Stop buying hard copies of the U.S. Code Books
  • Stop printing OASIS Magazine

(To read more details about these ideas and cast your vote click here.)

The Administration and everybody that submitted an entry should be commended for their efforts to save the government money. But how soon will the government actually implement these winning recommendations? How soon are they reaping the benefits? Are these initiatives being pursued now – or as noted above – in the future?

What the government really needs to do is look at options that will help it SAVE money now…in year one…to help alleviate the budget crisis. And it needs to think about, and accept, these ideas more frequently than simply on an annual basis. That is the gap we are attempting to fill with this blog and micro-site. We are trying to make this a daily, weekly, and monthly conversation. To generate ideas on true, hard saving potentials in the near term, and lend our support to the government who is tasked with a Herculean effort of cutting trillions from the budget.

This is where you can help, submit your ideas in the comment section below or via Facebook or Twitter.

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