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Looking to archive Office 365 email, Exchange, Gmail or Groupwise? Look no further!

Retain Unified Archiving provides multi-platform unified message archiving, eDiscovery and publishing for organizations looking to reduce costs, manage complexity and mitigate risk on-prem or in the cloud. Retain archives all electronic communication in one central location with built-in eDiscovery tools. Retain provides information governance, retention, and archiving for email, mobile, and social media messages on-premise or in the cloud. Retain easily expands to meet the compliance needs of today’s organizations and will integrate with tomorrow’s data repositories.

To better learn how Retain can work for you, GWAVA has produced these great “how-to” video guides to help you gain a better insight into the power and function found in Retain. These videos show the use of Retain within a Microsoft Exchange email environment, but the user interface and functionality is the same if you are using GroupWise, Exchange, Office 365, or Gmail for your enterprise email platform.

And don’t forget, Retain not only archives your company’s email, but it will also archive all your employee social media posts on Twitter, Facebook, and Yammer. It also archives Instant Messages. Plus, Retain archives your employee mobile communication for BlackBerry®, Android and iOS devices as well.

Ready to Get started?

Getting started with Retain is easy. You can schedule a FREE demo to get a customized demonstration specific to your company’s archiving needs. You can alsodownload and install a FREE 30-day Trial Download of Retain and try it out for yourself.

If you are wondering about how much Retain costs, you can request a FREE Quote as well.

If you need more information about what retain can do, download this PDF Datasheet.

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