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So you think you have an excuse not to practice continuous delivery…

In the January 2014 DevOps Drive-In webcast, Gene Kim and I discussed DevOps frequently asked questions.  I think that we provided a compelling case for adopting a DevOps mindset in your organization.  I even wrote a short blog post on three ways to get started.

The question I have for you is: why stop at DevOps?  Call me crazy but I think this whole “Continuous Delivery” thing sounds like an exciting adventure that could very well bring you fame and fortune in your organization.  Ok, so the fortune part might be an exaggeration but hopefully you get my point.

On February 19th at 9am PST we’ll be discussing Continuous Delivery with Bola Rotibi of Creative Intellect Consulting.  Bola is the author of a report on Continuous Delivery and why it is applicable and important to people like you!

I’m a big believer in having a small set of key takeaways from a webinar.  So, in a nutshell here are three key things we will distill about Continuous Delivery:

  1. Key challenges for adopting Continuous Delivery
  2. Attributers and inhibitors to Continuous Delivery in enterprise
  3. Top guide points for enterprises

We hope you will join us for the webcast and that by the end of it you’ll be thinking of lots of fun ways to bring Continuous Delivery into your organization.

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