Reflections on BrainShare 2014

By The Dave & Kris Show

This year’s long-running BrainShare conference in Salt Lake City in early November was the first year that Attachmate participated and overall it was a huge success. The event provided a welcome opportunity for those of us on the Reflection product team to meet some of our great customers and get their feedback on our products; share best practices; and strengthen synergies with partners and our sister companies NetIQ, Novell, and SUSE. And although BrainShare coincided with “Movember”, we decided to grow beards rather than moustaches to commemorate the occasion! More on that later.

One of the highlights of the conference was day one when we announced the availability of Reflection for UNIX, iOS and Android editions, our first SSH/Telnet client for securely connecting iPads and Android devices directly to Linux and UNIX systems. The *nix administrators in attendance demonstrated their excitement for the new product by downloading the free app more than 400 times in the first few days alone. Some *nix administrators even went so far as to “uncage” their beards. Our conversations with app users were invaluable and we got a lot of great feedback on our first native mobile emulation app, which we’ll use to make it even better.

CustomerAs we look back on the conference, security was a key theme throughout our conversations on the exhibit floor and during discussions in breakout sessions. In an age where major data breaches and hacks are almost daily occurrences, security has become one of the hottest topics among Attachmate, NetIQ, Novell, and SUSE customers.
We share our customers’ objective to keep their valuable data assets safe and we spent a lot of time at BrainShare discussing new ways to enhance our products to help our customers maintain top-tier data security while giving end users the connectivity, collaboration, and file-sharing capabilities they seek.
With our rookie year behind us, we’re already looking forward to heading back to Salt Lake City for next year’s BrainShare conference.

Did you attend BrainShare 2014? What were your biggest takeaways from the conference? Did you get an opportunity to #UncageYourBeard?

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