Reflection for Secure IT Web Edition 8.0 and FileShot 1.9 to the Rescue

When we last left John, he was bracing for an awkward conversation with his boss.

It started when he tried to email a proposal to a very important client at deadline time. Unfortunately, the proposal’s file size exceeded the limit set by John’s IT department. A predictable chain of events ensued: proposal not received… …client unhappy… …account lost to competition… …John’s perspiration level rising.

As we shared in our last post, streamlining user-driven file transfers can increase your peace of mind. With the right file transfer solution, you’ll know your files are secure and you’ll be alerted any time a transfer fails.

Last week, Attachmate released:

  • Reflection for Secure IT Web Edition 8.0, a new addition to its Reflection for Secure IT product suite, and;
  • FileXpress FileShot 1.9, an enterprise-class managed file transfer product that simplifies large file transfers between users.

These new releases are easy to use, reliable and keep data secure during file transfers.

Reflection for Secure IT Web Edition is a new member of the RSIT family of SSH clients and servers for Windows and UNIX. It’s the first RSIT product to offer user-driven file transfer via the Web. This allows users to transfer files of any size to and from the corporate network with no special software or training.

With FileShot, users can securely exchange files with people inside and outside the network on an ad hoc basis. Outside users receive files through a simple, secure Web interface. The latest release of FileShot delivers faster transfer speeds and support for popular Web browsers like Chrome and Safari.

Both products make file transfer faster, simpler, and easier, without compromising security. Using them at your company will protect your data, AND protect your users from those awkward conversations with management (like the one John is about to have).

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