Recycling core assets – does your future lie in the past?

People have always tried to recycle – to get something new out of what’s gone before, right? The same applies in IT, where good ideas, technology or applications are retained and reused many times in different ways.

So how does this ethos fit with the Micro Focus message of offering our customers innovative, new ways of ‘doing’ and ‘seeing’ things? Easy. Because while we’re all about constantly improving our tools and creating products that no-one else in the market yet provides, the concepts are not new at all. Let me explain.

My blog will look at how ‘recycling’ core assets – as opposed to replacing or rewriting – is the most fit-for-business approach to bringing ‘legacy’ mission critical systems into the future. New from old.

Why bottles are like business systems

Every year, hundreds of millions of tonnes of used plastic bottles are shredded and similarly destroyed before being reborn as brand new products. While shredding is a little extreme, Micro Focus is all for ‘recycling’ mission-critical business systems and software to bridge the gap between old and new. Because to put it bluntly, companies that don’t recycle generate a lot of garbage.

When businesses replace or migrate their ‘legacy’ applications, either with new packages or systems, the old system gets dumped. Now, fast-forward 12 months and functionality from the old system is loaded into a shiny, new mobile-enabled system. So now that system gets dumped for an upgrade. The metaphorical skip is filling up as the IT budget and customer base begin to drain away. The business isn’t getting what it needs to deliver – but it is picking up fines and bad press.

Image problem

We’ve banged this drum before. The negative perception of ‘legacy’ systems, where ‘proven and established’ is confused with ‘out-of-date’, remains an issue. But organizations embracing recycling are efficient and productive. They channel IT budget towards future growth and innovation. They don’t have piles of disused computer parts laden with capital investment. They extract maximum value from what they have by creating something new.

The ‘recycling’ analogy also applies to business-critical software applications: keep what works and update what doesn’t. Recycling your investment equals zero risk of mess, work is more productive and the business evolves in sync with market demands.

Micro Focus – the recycling centre

Micro Focus understands how reusing and modernizing what you already have can get you fit for the future. And we have the right tools for the job. Enterprise Developer for zEnterprise is the smart and simple way to modernize, develop and maintain mainframe applications. Why not try it?

Micro Focus Visual COBOL is where COBOL systems go to new platforms, such as  .NET, Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and the cloud, as well as UNIX, Windows and Linux, without changing a single line of code. Recycle your current investments and create new opportunities. Go on. Give it a go.

So, while your competitors struggle with expensive, time-consuming rewrites and baffling new equipment, your time-proven system – and fine-tuned business applications – is primed to deliver the innovation you need for the future. So before you head for the trash, think of the cash … Learn more about Application Modernization


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