Recap: 5 Keys to Building a Successful DevOps Culture

DevOps is about being more responsive to the business by building and deploying software faster and better. Sounds good, right?

Enterprise IT is struggling to meet the needs of the business, and I wish I could give you a pill to just fix it.  I can certainly give you software, and that will take some of the pain away, but the big improvement needs to be in peopleware and culture. Building and deploying software requires considerable collaboration and coordination by different people, teams and organizations. DevOps is a cultural movement focused on removing the barriers between the teams and organizations to deliver more value to the business faster. You can’t just buy DevOps, you have to also transform this culture.

At last week’s Serena DevOps Drive-in webcast, I spoke with Mandi Walls from Chef about keys to building a successful DevOps culture. During the webcast, we asked the attendees what the biggest barriers were for DevOps adoption, and the majority said it was lack of collaboration and cultural barriers (see chart).

Biggest barrier to DevOps adoption

Want to learn more? Check out the recording of Mandi’s “5 Keys to Building a Successful DevOps Culture” presentation. It will provide you with practical guidance on removing those barriers and accelerating your DevOps adoption.

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