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As we count down the days to the planned spin-merge with Micro Focus, innovation remains front and center. As a testament to that focus, I’m excited about the new innovations around our backup and recovery portfolio.

Today’s digital environment is extremely challenging for organizations, because they must manage and ingest an influx of data both securely and efficiently. They require modern backup solutions that are powerful, secure, streamlined and scalable – that also reduce complexity, automate processes, and lower costs.

Innovations to our Adaptive Backup and Recovery (ABR) Suite include:

  • Data Protector: A more intuitive user interface and advanced security model for lower overhead and a more secure backup environment.
  • Backup Navigator: Automated recommendations that provide built-in intelligence for efficient problem solving.
  • Storage Optimizer: Improved reporting, performance and scalability.


The enhanced ABR Suite delivers standardized, centrally-managed data protection for physical and virtual environments, providing customers with the performance and reliability at scale needed to address today’s challenges. While the portfolio’s advanced security features help prepare organizations for the onslaught of sophisticated security attacks, such as ransomware.

Also crucial to our solution offering is the ABR Suite’s link to the HPE Enterprise Group (EG). This key integration combines our world-class ABR Suite with HPE StoreOnce and 3PAR storage systems to deliver tremendous cost and productivity benefits for our customers. Through the EG Reseller Program, EG storage sales teams and its partners sell Data Protector and the ABR suite directly as a combined, optimized solution and will continue to do so after the completion of the spin-merge with Micro Focus.

These latest innovations to the ABR Suite are just one example of our commitment to putting customers at the center of our innovation. With less than two months until the spin-merge, I invite you to join us as we continue to deliver the most advanced, best-in-class portfolio of enterprise-grade scalable software solutions needed for today’s complex environments.

To learn more about the new innovations across the Adaptive Backup and Recovery (ABR) suite, please click here.

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