Post-Agile2013 Thoughts: DevOps Key to Evolution of Agile

Last week I had the pleasure of working in the Serena booth at Agile2013 (me and a Shania Twain look-alike in picture to the right).  While there were quite a few booths, some very creative, it was a fairly low energy expo area.  That doesn’t mean we didn’t have some great conversations.

Agile2013 had a DevOps track. There were plenty of people who stopped by our booth who wanted to learn more about DevOps.  They were from many different industries, which is what I would expect.

The general consensus seemed to be that while agile methodologies had resulted in significant benefits to organizations, there is still more work to be done and DevOps has a key part to play in the evolution of agile development shops.

People were especially interested in how Serena solutions can track release content and automate application deployments.  They were keen to use their existing solutions, which works well for Serena as we have a policy of coexistence.  You can read more about mixing commercial and open source software in my recent blog post.

Finally, our partnership with Tasktop also generated some buzz.  In the coming months, Serena customers will see some awesome benefits from the partnership as we expand our integration capabilities further.

I’d like to say a big thank you to all who stopped by the booth.  We are excited to present Serena’s latest innovations to you over the next few months.  Stay tuned for upcoming webcasts to learn more.

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