Please Release Me, Let Me Go

Englebert Humperdinck sang “Please release me, let me go” in 1967. Some might say it is the anthem of xChange13, Serena’s global user conference from September 16-18 in Miami. While Mr. Humperdinck’s iconic silk shirts and Zapata mustache would be at home in Miami Vice, don’t expect to see me emulating his style at xChange13.

I will, however, reprise the refrain from his number one UK hit. Release management is at the heart of what we do every day. We are either preparing for a release, deploying a release or managing the consequences of the release (good or bad). We see numerous customers facing an increasing backlog of releases stacking up and business owners asking for their releases to be, well, released.

So “please release me, let me go” may well be the conference anthem.

On the xChange13 main stage we will hear from a number of important speakers with much to say on the subject:

  • The ITIL perspective: why ITIL best practices give critical guidance on what really needs to happen in release management
  • The DevOps perspective: why the move to DevOps is centrally about making release management a collaboration
  • The practitioner’s perspective: stories from real customers about what it means to implement enterprise release management from the mainframe to mobile
  • The solution creator’s perspective: how Serena design and development teams partner with customers to deliver the world’s foremost release management solutions

Perhaps we’ll leave the conference singing Mr. Humperdinck’s 1970 hit, “We made it happen.”

If you promise to register today I promise not to sing in Miami.

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