Pink Elephant finalist, again

This never gets old.  Innovation and validation, that is.  Serena’s innovation in the broad realm of ITIL processes was validated almost a year ago when we won Pink Elephant’s prestigious ITIL Innovation of the Year Award.  The new news is that we’ve just been selected as a finalist for this year’s award, further validating our ongoing innovation.

Our innovation this time is to directly address and automate the challenges of Service Transition, the ITIL volume focused on change, release and deployment management.  Service Transition has received too little attention from those of us in the vendor community, which is a problem since it is central to speeding up Request-to-Release cycles and in addressing the DevOps divide.  IOW, it is an essential competency for any business that competes online.

Anyway, speaking for the innovative Serena software engineers who built the solution that automates the Service Transition process, let me say that it’s an honor to be a finalist for the second year in a row.  We look forward to sharing with the attendees at Pink13 how the solution that impressed the Pink Elephant judges works and why it will win them awards of their own.

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