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Where can you go to exchange ideas and collaborate with over 15000 peers?  The Micro Focus and Borland Community!  Where can you gather valuable information about the product you are using and view helpful product videos?  The Micro Focus Knowledge Base!  Our Community Site covers all Micro Focus product areas and provides our users the ability to directly engage with our Development and Customer Care crew.  Whether you are reading a blog, Knowledge Base article, or a forum post, you are bound to find something interesting or new.

Now, come meet some of the Micro Focus Community Family:

Neil McMurtry is a Senior Product Engineer, located in Belfast, Northern Ireland.  You can bump into Neil in many places on the Borland Community Site, but you are most likely to find Neil answering customer questions on the Silk Performer Forum, as Neil has 9 years of expertise with Silk Performer.  Interested in learning how to record an application using a mobile device with Silk Performer?  Check out Neil’s short video here.  Are you in the mood to watch TV?  Stop by TheBorlandSoftware on YouTube.

Or, perhaps, Visual COBOL is more your cup of tea?  Then Chris Glazier is your man.  Chris is our resident expert for the Visual COBOL product, and, is a walking and talking COBOL encyclopedia.  Come see for yourself!  You can ask Chris questions in the Visual COBOL Forum and view Chris’ Visual COBOL in a Nutshell videos for inspiration and guidance. Try and stump Chris with a hard question, it will be difficult!

Not only can you interact with our Support Team, but you can directly engage with our Research and Development staff.  Anil Peres-Da-Silva is a familiar face to the Community who stops in daily to contribute to the StarTeam Forum by answering customer questions and posting articles.  Feel free to peruse Anil’s collection of article topics, including The StarTeam SDK Object Model and stcmd – a stateful-command-line-with-a-rich-new-swl-like-grammar.


Drop in and see what the fuss is all about!   http://community.microfocus.com/

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