Orchestrated IT Launches

We are formally launching our vision of Orchestrated IT to the world.  This marks a milestone for Serena, as it establishes us as an IT management provider of considerable scope and not just as an ALM provider.  Not that we’ve forsaken ALM.  Just the opposite: Orchestrated IT includes and sprang from Orchestrated ALM.

While Orchestrated IT may be revolutionary, it has come about through evolutionary means, having evolved from our early work orchestrating application delivery and more recent work orchestrating IT service management.

Watch the new Doug Serena, CIO miniseries that just premiered to see the transformative power of Orchestrated IT.  In five short videos, this savvy CIO and his intrepid team show how they developed, delivered and serviced a breakthrough app that allowed their company to turn the tables on an arch competitor.

We hope that Doug Serena, CIO will spark lots of conversation in the industry about how IT leaders can rise up to help lead their companies to huge commercial success.

We’re also taking Orchestrated IT on the road, with a world tour that will touch down in nearly 30 cities over the coming months.  Is one of them near you?  Please join us if it is.

Finally, we believe that enterprise IT matters more than ever in our online, personalized, mobile economy.  We believe that every industry can benefit from Orchestrated IT.  We believe that it is insane to rip out tools that are working, especially when you can orchestrate them into a new and better whole.  And we believe that giving IT stakeholders an easy way to engage in critical IT processes is the path to huge success for IT and IT leaders.

Orchestrated IT is our solution for acting on those beliefs.  Send me a note if it makes sense for you.

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