Orchestrated IT for Agile Enterprises



Orchestrated IT – a modern and agile approach to IT Management – is now moving to its next phase of evolution.  This big step keeps O-IT in the forefront of IT management for agile enterprises, in part by richly supporting today’s technology imperatives of mobile, social and cloud.  You can learn about how the various O-IT solutions are being upgraded here.

But first, what are Agile Enterprises?  Today’s business is increasingly conducted online, with those interactions increasingly involving phones, tablets, vehicles, sensors and other smart devices.  This ubiquitous connectivity of smart devices and online commerce is reshaping industries and birthing new ones.  Turning this trend to advantage requires that enterprises be agile in their use of applications and IT systems.  In short, it requires them to be Agile Enterprises.

Dot-coms – as pure online businesses – have the most obvious need for IT agility.  But they are far from alone.  Financial services have long been online dependent businesses.  Online agility has now spread to retail, government, hospitality, entertainment, manufacturing and transportation.  Indeed, the winning organizations in nearly every industry and public sector are now Agile Enterprises.

Agile enterprises use IT strategically, mastering the ability to sense and respond to IT requirements and opportunities faster and more assuredly than their competitors.  They can do this best by utilizing Orchestrated IT systems that leverage today’s technology imperatives.

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