Orchestrated IT Enters Its Prime

We’re proud to announce that the Orchestrated IT advances we announced in March are now generally available.  Version 3.5 of Serena’s Orchestrated IT solutions offer major advances in usability, performance, and your ability to coordinate both application and operational changes through a consistent UI and powerful process-based platform.  Your IT-powered business is in for a major boost in speed and agility.

Serena’s Orchestrated IT solutions include Serena Dashboard, Request Center, Demand Manager, Requirements Manager, Development Manager, Release Manager and Service Manager, with orchestration powered by Serena Business Manager (SBM). Version 3.5 is the first unified release where all Serena solutions share the same revision number and are updated simultaneously, providing you with higher quality products, simplified installation, tighter integrations, better support for distributed and mainframe environments, and easier service and support.

The latest version of our solutions include significant enhancements, including the ability to coordinate both application and operations changes through a consistent user interface and with a unified IT inbox. Additional enhancements include:

  • Dashboard 3.5: The NEW Serena Mobile Dashboard allows IT executives to use mobile devices like the iPad to interact with the latest KPIs and dashboards. Intuitive drill-downs, simple data manipulation and rapid personalization make it even easier to find the right IT metrics no matter where you are.
  • Request Center 3.5: Serena Request Center now comes with over 30 pre-built services, or “starter packs,” making it easier for you to jump-start your rollout. Knowledge management articles can now be made available for public or internal use, and controlled down to departmental or individual level.
  • Service Manager 3.5: The newest release of Serena Service Manager now makes it easier to assign tasks to groups or specific individuals and quickly review all tickets previously submitted by a user – further helping expedite issue resolution.
  • Development Manager 3.5: The latest version of Development Manager includes enhancements such as work-area client compatibility, event hooks for validation, enhancements to refactoring views and much more.
  • Requirements Manager 3.5: The latest updates to Requirements Manager include significant performance enhancements and diagnostics, enhanced dependent attributes and improved quick search capabilities.

Version 3.5 of Serena’s Orchestrated IT solutions can be downloaded from the My Downloads section of the Serena Support site.

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