One Month…and Counting



March 15 just came and went and that means one thing…taxes are due in less than a month. For millions of Americans that have delayed the inevitable, these last four weeks will be filled with anxiety, uneasiness and stress. They are not the only ones that will be feeling stress, however. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) website will be inundated with traffic of individuals looking for information, asking questions or downloading forms.

Spikes in web traffic present one of the biggest challenges for federal networks. Adding another factor, the emergence of apps and ever-increasing mobile users place an additional and oftentimes unpredictable burden on agency networks. In fact, smartphone and tablet computers are expected to increase web traffic by more than 26 times in the next three years. This is not simply an IRS tax time issue; it affects every agency and will continue to do so as the use bandwidth-heavy mobile platforms continue to rise. How will you make sure that your organization is ready?

One option is to wait and see what happens. But when it comes to critical citizen services, failure is not an option. Instead, agencies need to turn to advanced performance testing – a method that recognizes that not all users tax the system in the same way. Today’s websites are more complex than ever; no longer can federal agencies rely on outdated testing and performance methods.

For federal agencies, this influx of traffic will provide new opportunities to interact and deliver excellent service to the citizen. It will also provide the challenge of ensuring reliability. Advanced performance testing not only offers the ability to quickly scale to test the largest peak loads on a multitude of platforms, it does so in a way that helps save money.

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